The Constitutional Commission is a three-person commission established under section 118 of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order, 2009 (“the Constitution”).  The Commission is an independent body, which is deemed crucial for its effectiveness and legitimacy in exercising its functions.   In broad terms, the Commission may be said to combine the functions of an advisory body with those of a think tank on constitutional matters.

The specific functions of the Commission are outlined in section 118(3) of the Constitution as follows:

  • To advise the Government on questions concerning constitutional status and development in the Cayman Islands;
  •  To publish reports, discussion papers, information papers and other documents on constitutional matters affecting the Cayman Islands;
  •  To promote understanding and awareness of this Constitution and its values; and
  •  To exercise such other functions as may be prescribed by a law enacted by the Legislature.


The Commission must consist of a Chairperson and two other members, at least one of whom shall be an experienced lawyer, all of whom volunteer their time and services to the Commission. 

The Chairperson is expected to chair each meeting and oversee the participation of all of the members in the activities of the Commission. Commission members are expected to attend each meeting and participate in the activities of the Commission.

All members are appointed by the Governor, in consultation with the Premier and Leader of the Opposition.

Appointments to the Constitutional Commission are for renewable terms of between two to four years, with members serving for different periods so that new appointments or re-appointments can take place in a staggered fashion.